YEAR 6……. WHAT A YEAR!!!!!!

I remember when we started prep, as scared as we could be, and now we’re the leaders of the school. What a year ahead of us, Water Safety, archery, camp, and the big finale of the year GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year we have school leaders who represent us. These are our house Captains for 2012
Ashleigh Ryleigh and Kelsey
Beach Ethan and Michaela
Frawley Chris and Elektra.
Mena Nathan and Jayde
Our School Captains will be Isaac & Elektra

Now that we are in year six we have responsibilities like taking care of the new preps that started the other day. We all have buddies from the prep grades.
Mr.O’s class takes care of prep 1 D and Mrs Schumacher’s class takes care of Prep E.

The other activities we are taking part in this year are inter school sport, track, swimming, cross country and the field events.

All of the year six kids will have to work hard this year so they can make it to high school in 2013.
Written by Chris and Elektra

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