Water Safety Tips

Quickly Quickly!!! My kids drowning! oh I wish I took those lessons to keep my pool safe, please someone help help!!! My kid is going to drown!!! PAUSE! Most kids around the world drown because people do not watch them near the pool or bath or anything where water is dangerous.

It is our job to provide you with some ideas on how to keep safe around water.
TIP 1. If you want to keep your pool safe listen to my instructions. When you want to get your first pool make sure you buy one that is 30 centimetres deep if your pool is deeper than that then you must get a fence and gate that is 1.8 metres tall.
Make sure the fence is child proof, when you get your pool at your house always remember to keep all objects away from the pool gate because children can climb on objects and fall in the pool.
TIP 2. I would like to remind you of supervision. This time if your child is near water that’s deep enough to drown in always have a parent or an adult to look after them. When you are filling the bath do not answer the phone. Always close the bathroom door when you have to leave the room. Do not leave the door open with water in the bath.
These are a few tips to help you keep your family safe around water.
Remember to alert near water and everyone will stay safe.
Written by Jeremy and Zaya

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