Water Safety Day

On the 29th of March most of the grade 5,6s went down to Frankston Beach for Water Safety.
This is what Mr O’s grade thought.
Jude- It was much better than last year and it was awesome!!!
Jaya- It was fun and fully sick!!
Emily- It was fun and it was cold.
Ethan-It was fun and the water was cold.
Chloe-It was fun, freezing and cool.
Nyaruot-I loved it, I also liked Gordo’s activities.
Bray-Cool, funny and magnificent.
Adora-It was good ,it was nice and we learnt a lot of things.
Jeremy-It was awesome!!!!
Liam-It was fun and it was cool talking to lifesavers.
Nathan.C/Nugget-It was cold, sandy and wet.
Chris-It was pretty good, it was tiring, but I was fit enough to go all the way through.
Elektra- I really loved the body board, it was fun!!!!!
Tiarna-Nice, because part of it was really cold and part of it was fun.
Judith-I really liked water safety , all the activities were fun.
Jazmine.H- I love water safety!!!!!
Shaylee- It was awesome , I have learnt heaps of things and I’m excited to go next year
Roan- Very exciting, a lot of fun
Anthony-It was magnificent, a lot of fun activities.
Michaela –It was cold, but I still had fun.
Zaya-It was a little bit cold and I loved it.
Brandon-It was fun.
So as you can see Water Safety was very popular and we look forward to going again next year.

By Jaz and Judith

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