What Anzac day means to me
…. Anzac day is when we remember all the soldiers that fought for us so Australia could be a free country. It’s very important to think of them during the one minute silence.
…Anzac day means to me a time that we remember the soldiers that died and risked their lives for Australia to be free from the war. It was very risky to go to Gallipoli in Turkey. People have Anzac day ceremonies to remember those who died.
How the old soldiers feel now
… They would feel very grateful that they didn’t die during the war because it was very dangerous in the war. They would feel sad though, because lots of people died. They might have worked with somebody that died which would make them even more sad and upset.
…. I think they would have mixed feelings. Happy because they are not in war anymore and sad when think of their friends during the one minute silence.
What ANZAC Day means to kids
…ANZAC day is a day people across Australia can remember those who have served and sacrificed their lives to war.
We are studying Anzac day and it’s important that we learn about Anzacs because if kids don’t know what Anzac day means to them they don’t know why they are taking it so seriously.
Lest we forget!
By Jaya and Michaela.

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