We play tennis!!!

Every Friday after lunch we go outside with our chairs onto the basketball court. We wait about two or three minutes until Les comes to teach us tennis. Les normally teaches us tennis skills for one hour.

 Les arrives with baskets full of tennis rackets and balls. Les will say either green, blue, red, or yellow house in a random order. They get to pick their  racket and  ball, go and find a space on the basketball court. After that we are ready to start our lesson.

Secondly Les teaches us the basic skills , like the lollipop stop , the smash and more . After that we normally get into our groups to play some games or competitions. Our favourite game so far would be LEGENDS!!!!

We have been doing tennis for eight weeks now and it has been awesome.We have played lots of games and learnt some really cool skills.It is nearly end of term and that means almost the end of tennis.

Lastly Mrs Schumacher’s class have tennis next term. Hope they have as much fun as we did!!!!!!!   

by Jazmine and Chris

One thought on “We play tennis!!!

  1. I’ve see you guys out there and you always seem to be having fun. I know there was some disappointment when it was wet last week. Mr Mc 🙂

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